Media Coverage

Prof. Ho and his colleagues’ research on innovation for space exploration is featured by We Are Engineers (May. 2020).

Our research on the maintenance of large-scale satellite constellations using logistics approach is featured by Science Daily,, Illinois AE Department News (Jul. 2019).

Our research on the optimization of satellite constellation deployment strategy is featured by Science Trend,, Illinois AE Department News, and other media  (Jun. 2018, Jan. 2019).

Our research on space mission design optimization is featured by, Illinois AE Department News, and other media (Apr. 2018).

Our paper “An Independent Assessment of the Technical Feasibility of the Mars One Mission Plan” is broadly covered by media including Popular SciencePopular MechanicsNew ScientistTime Magazinethe LA TimesSpace News, the Washington Postthe Huffington Postthe CBC News (Canada)the Guardian (UK)the Telegraph (UK)Ria Novosti (Russia)Al Jazeera (Turkey)El Mundo (Spain)MIT News, and the BBC World Service (Oct. 2014).

Our paper on “On-orbit Depot Architectures Using Contingency Propellant” was featured by MIT News and other media (Mar. 2014).