Space Systems Optimization Laboratory performs a variety of research projects in space mission design. The following are some examples of the past/ongoing projects.

  • Time-Expanded Space Logistics Network Modeling and Optimization for On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing
    • Sponsor: DARPA Young Faculty Award
  • Debris Management and Removal for Large-Scale Constellations
    • Sponsor: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships – 2 (NextSTEP-2), Power and Propulsion Element (PPE) Study
    • Sponsor: NASA NextSTEP Program/Space Systems Loral
  • Transportation Network Design Optimization for Cis-Lunar Space Economy
    • Sponsor: United Launch Alliance
  • SYNERGEO: Cooperative Reconfigurable Persistent Geostationary Support Platform
    • Sponsor: DARPA/CU Aerospace
  • Constellation Design for Communication Network in Low Earth Orbits
    • Sponsor: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Probabilistic Modeling and Optimization of Responsive On-Orbit Servicing Infrastructure Systems Design
    • Sponsor: University of Illinois
  • Stochastic Optimal Control for Thrusters with Multiplicative Noises
    • Sponsor: University of Illinois
  • Concurrent High-/Low-Thrust Trajectory Design and Mission Planning Optimization
    • Sponsor: University of Illinois